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DJ Danielle Got Married!
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    It was my turn to be on the other side of the turntables!
    I am a wedding DJ and YES I did my own music and introductions!!!
DJ Danielle Gets Married!Having been a wedding DJ for 17 years I needed to do something a little different and my Husband being a concert lighting director was all in for some fun too!

    Baby blue authentic 1970's tuxes.. platform shoes with goldfish in the heels (that glowed)!!! The girls were in gogo
                                                                    boots and mini
DJ Danielle Gets Married!dresses and the guests came in full garb too!! It was SOO much fun! 

    For the ceremony the guys came in to "Another one bites the dust" and my dad and I did the bump at the end of the isle to "Heaven must have sent you". A 10' X 20' backdrop of Studio 54 was at the front of the room and mirror balls perched on the pillars were our little touches to have the ceremony fit in with the theme. "We are family" Blared as we were announced husband and wife and danced back down the isle!
DJ Danielle Gets Married!  
DJ Danielle Gets Married! Actual 70's disco 45 records were the table markers. For our introduction into the reception I did all the announcements from the hallway with the wireless mic while Barry Whites, "Your my first, my last my everything" welcomed us into the room. We started our first dance to "Groovy kind of love" surrounded by our friends and family. My mother, who is also a DJ, Did all of the other announcements for the evening making it all the more personal.

DJ Danielle Gets Married!    For the Father daughter dance I surprised my dad and changed into my mother's prom dress that she had worn back in 1976. A baby blue satin slip dress that my grandmother had hand made.
This would be the second evening that my dad would get to dance with that dress.. "I loved her first" played as we swayed on the dance floor.

DJ Danielle Gets Married!    The evening continued on and the genres of music changed from old to new. I changed one last time into a wedding dress that I happened to pick up a church tag sale for $1. Yes, a dollar. Some people like that dress even better than my first. I had not planned on changing but a guest had spilled red wine down my back of my first dress so I just threw this other wedding gown on. It all came together perfectly. I only happened to grab it out of my closet while heading over to the ceremony site.. (all things happen for a reason!)

    People danced and drank and partied right up until the end!
As my husband and I boogied
"The last dance" closed out the most amazing evening of my life.

My advice: Make it your day,
do what makes you happy
and don't forget to HAVE FUN!