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About DJ Danielle
Dancing bride and groom. Their first dance as husband and wife.
Every couple is different, so is every reception, that's why I pride myself in finding out what YOU want for your special day! My music selection is huge! I bring my entire collection with me to each event so I am always ready for last minute changes and special requests. I am also able to download songs on site if needed!

What ever your vision is for the music I will help to bring your dreams to life. You may have planned for a truly elegant reception for which you might want Classical, or if you would like a contemporary flair you may choose a mix of contemporary and traditional jazz, or a mix of country and oldies. Or looking to interject some of your personal taste in rock? Well I can do that too! Maybe your vision includes the groom walking down the isle to "Another one bites the dust"! You say it and I will play it!
I try to make every reception fun and memorable...
Everyone can feel included with fun songs like the Y.M.C.A, the Cotton-Eyed Joe, and the Chicken Dance to get the party going.
Or maybe you HATE the Chicken Dance and you don't want ANY group dances played at your big day!!! What ever your ideal day consists of I have enough music to fill it! I add new music to my collection constantly and am always ready with the latest dance hits, while at the same time having that heartfelt song for an older relatives special request.
My selections range from the Big Band era all the way to today's top 40.
I would love to provide my services for your wedding reception, be sure and book early - a year in advance is not too soon and Saturday evenings book especially fast. I am not a DJ booking agency, therefore my availability is very limited.
If your wedding ceremony and reception will be at the same location (indoors or out) I can provide music for the ceremony and mic for the officiant. Ask me for more information!
Frequently Asked Questions...
DJ Danielle Professional Mobile DJ
Q) How long have you been a DJ?
A) I have been performing at Weddings and Events for 17 years
Q) Why are your rates less than so many other DJ's?
A) Simple answer: I LOVE MY JOB!
I don't think that you need to charge an outrageous amount of money to do this. I make more money in 4 hours of having fun than most people make in 40 hours. Don't get me wrong I could charge more, I just choose not to.   
Q) Do you charge extra for props or lights?
A) No I don't. Everything is included for one low price. I buy props in such large quantities that their price is minimal and it helps me to get people out on the dance floor. I do not pass the cost onto you. The lights help to add fun atmosphere and customize the room to compliment your color scheme for your event. Again, this is all included.
Q) Do you have an assistant? Is there and extra charge?
A) I always have my assistant with me. She helps maintain contact with the hall and the photographer to make sure the event goes smoothly and that I can focus on playing music. No, there is no additional cost to you.
I would never do an event without a second person there. It is essential in having constant communication during an event.
Q) Will you dress appropriately at my affair?
A) It is important that your entertainer look the part by dressing formal or semi-formal, according to your preference. I wear a tux unless I am told otherwise not to. Themed events and picnics require different attire.
Q) What type of equipment do you have?
A) Bridal books usually have brides ask me this. Its amusing since most people wouldn't know what type of equipment I was telling them I have. Just know this: Its all new equipment and I have backups for each piece in my van if something were to happen. Also I can have up to 5 songs cued up at once if need be. I can also download any new songs/requests on site.
Q) How many songs do you play at a wedding?
A) Depending on the event- After the Introductions, First Dance, Toasts, Dinner Orders, Serving of Different Courses, Parent Dances, Garter & Bouquet or Anniversary Waltz, and the Cake Cutting you are left with roughly 2-2 1/2 hours of dance time. It really depends on the type of music also. Older songs (50's & 60's) are about 2 minutes long where as new music is more round 4 minutes long. Anywhere from 30-50 songs.  
Q) How many songs should I give you?
A) I prefer a 10-10-5 method
10 songs you LOVE
10 songs you LIKE
5 songs or artists or genres you HATE (ie: chicken dance/ Kenny G/Rap)
This gives me a boundaries of what you like and don't like and will help me to give you exactly what you are looking for on your big day. Although you don't have to do that if you don't want to. I have had people give me their first dance and tell me to figure the rest out. I am perfectly fine with that as well. With my many years in the industry I am fully capable of analyzing the room and implementing the music that will work.
Q) Sounds GREAT I want to hire you! Now what?
A) I make this process very simple: The deposit for any event is $350 the balance is not due until the end of the event. I want to make sure that you are totally happy with my services (I know you will be!)
If you would like to make payments that is fine too but not necessary.
Q) Who do I make the payment out to?
A) You can make the deposit out to either Music By Danielle
OR Danielle Bushnell Which ever you choose.
Music By Danielle Professional Mobile DJ